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Master Chester Holubecki


Devil Dog

 Chester Holubecki, 9th Dan, Isshin-Ryu Karate-Do

**NOTE*** - Chester Holubecki produces and sends out a great little newsletter each month (Free of charge I might add).  To get on Chester's newsletter email list or to contact Chester about anything Isshin-Ryu feel free to e-mail him at:


         Chester Holubecki, 9th Dan, has spent a lifetime studying the martial arts.  Born on January 6, 1944, in Munich, Germany, Chester and his family were able to survive the war and move to the United States in 1949.  Living in Massachusetts, he attended parochial school and later Holyoke High School.  While in high school, he was active in soccer, swimming and track.  In his senior year, he was inducted into the National Honor Society.  In June of 1964, he earned an associate degree in business management from Northampton Community College in Northampton, Massachusetts.

        In the winter of 1965, Holubecki became interested in the martial arts and began his study in judo at the Springfield YMCA.  After a year and a half, he met his Isshin-Ryu sensei, Mr. Lewis Lizotte.  Mr. Holubecki began studying Isshin-Ryu Karate in January of 1967 and earned his Shodan ranking in June of 1968.  In 1971, Chester Holubecki opened his first dojo on Suffolk St. in Holyoke, Massachusetts.  Chester Holubecki has found a purpose and meaning in the study of Isshin-Ryu Karate and has traveled to all parts of the United States training with first generation Isshin-Ryu students of Master Tatsuo Shimabuku such as Mr. Steve Armstrong, Mr. AJ Advincula, Mr. Don Nagle, Mr. Harold Long, Mr. Harold Mitchum, and Mr. Donald Bohan.

        While living in Holyoke, Holubecki also studied the art of Aikido in Amherst.  At this time, he was also teaching karate as an instructor with the physical education department of the University of Massachusetts.  As part of his continuing interest in all aspects of the martial arts, Holubecki undertook the study of Hapkido with Michael Wollmershauser.  Mr. Holubecki earned his black belt ranking in December of 1986.  Mr. Holubecki also directed several karate tournaments in the area and presented rape prevention programs for the public in conjunction with the Holyoke Police Department.  At the same time, Holubecki served as a juvenile parole officer with the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services.

        Mr. Holubecki moved to Orange City, Florida in August of 1983.and opened a dojo there.  While operating the dojo, he has remained active in the community, being a member of the Orange City Chamber of Commerce and the Four Townes Rotary Club.  He also taught physical education at a private Christian school in the area and did volunteer work as a youth motivator, working with high-risk dropout candidates.  Mr. Holubecki was also a certified Law Enforcement Instructor with the state of Florida.  He also hosted for ten years a tournament for all Isshin-Ryu Schools in Central Florida.  In 1994 he was promoted to 8th degree black belt and served as the chairman of the promotion board for the AOKA.  Holubecki and his dojo hosted the 1995 AOKA Grand Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida.

         After 13 years in Florida and 27 Black Belts later, Holubecki moved back to Massachusetts.  In 1996 he opened the dojo in Granby, Massachusetts.  While in Granby, he hosted many interschool tournaments and hosted yearly seminars run by Mr. Sherman Harrill.  Both Mr. Harrill and Mr. Holubecki trained together until Mr. Harrillís untimely death in 2002.  He was a substitute teacher at the Granby Jr. Sr. High School.  He is a member of the Knight of Columbus in Chicopee and a member of the Elks Lodge in Holyoke.  After almost 7 years in Granby, Holubecki relocated his dojo back to Holyoke where he first started his dojo in 1971.  Some of his old black belts from the 70's and early 80's continue return to train with him.

        For the past 12 years, Holubecki has been putting out a newsletter on a monthly basis and has been emailing it to many Isshin-Ryu practitioners in the United States and worldwide.  Something he has always enjoyed doing.

On January 15th, 2005 he was promoted to 9th degree black belt by Grandmaster Ed McGrath and Grandmaster Gary Alexander at his Orange City, Fl Dojo.

        Holubecki is presently employed with the University of Massachusetts and runs a dojo, something he has done since 1971.


In addition, during his practice of the Martial Arts:

He attended sparring strategies seminars given by Joe Lewis in the early 70's in Providence, R. I.

He attended seminars given by Bill "Super foot" Wallace in the late 70's in Springfield, Ma.

He attended seminars given by Mr. Ed Parker of the Kempo system in Revere, Massachusetts in the early 80's.

He attended Mr. Advincula seminar in North Carolina in the mid 80's

He attended seminars given by Mr. Richard Kim in Boston.

He attended seminars given by Bill "Super foot" Wallace in the late 80's in Springfield, Ma.

While in Florida, he hosted seminars given by Mr. Don Nagle, Mr. William Duessell, and Mr. AJ Advincula.


Some of Master Holubeckiís accomplishments are:

He hosted seminars given by Mr. Steve Armstrong in his dojo in Massachusetts in the early 80's.

He hosted Angi Uezu in his dojo in Florida in the mid 80's.

He put on many demonstrations to local and civic organizations both in Florida and Massachusetts over the years.

He put on seminars in Florida and Puerto Rico for many years on various martial arts subjects.  It must be noted that he still travels to Florida and Puerto Rico annually to conduct seminars and promote Isshin-Ryu Karate.

He hosted the 1995 AOKA Grand Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida.

He received the "Spirit of Isshin-Ryu" award for his years of dedicated service to Isshin-Ryu Karate in 1995.

He put on a weekend self-defense seminar with the Army National Guards in Northampton, Massachusetts in '96.