Hanshi McGrath Presents

Master Dennis Wright


Devil Dog

Master Dennis Wright, 8th Dan Isshin-ryu Karate, an original student of the late Grand Master Don Nagle, was inducted into the International Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame on August 5, 2005 at the Park Vista Hotel, Gatlingsburg, Tenn. He was presented a photo plaque in front of an audience of over 500 martial artists from all over the world including Iran.

Master Passero, president of Don Nagle's AOKA, inc. nominated Master Wright for this award with the recommendation of Grand Master Ed McGrath, 10th Dan, Isshin-ryu.

Master Wright has a total of 49 years in martial arts; he is trained in Judo, Boxing, Kung-fu and kick boxing.

Master Wright was a member of the first N.Y. Full Contact Karate Team. He was also the first fighting Sensei for Ralph D. Passero and the driving force in the original Don Nagle AOKA Isshin-ryu Karate School in Bayonne established in 1966. It is the oldest martial arts school in Bayonne. Each candidate for Black Belt had to fight then Sensei Wright along with the other Black Belts for the final stage of their Black Belt test. To survive a fight with Sensei Wright was an experience in itself.

Master Passero claims Master Wright was responsible for his graining champion status in the martial arts, and also states his matches with Master Wright were more difficult then any of his other matches. Master Passero said "Master Wright is a true Sensei and Master of the martial art of Isshin-ryu. He is humble, and the art of Bushido is his way of life. A role model for any martial arts student, he is a legend in the Don Nagle AOKA, inc.

Grand Master Don Nagle's AOKA, inc. will be having a dinner honoring this Hall of Fame inductee, for information call (201) 436-5330